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Steeple Rock, Kynance Cove by Thomas Hart F.S.A
August 16, 2019
Mist at Scovarn Rock Mullion by Claude Montague Hart
August 16, 2019

Celestial fantasy Unknown Artist

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Celestial fantasy Unknown Artist

Acrylic on Canvas

Frame Size 35.625 ins (904 mm) by 27.75 ins (705 mm)

Image Size 33.625 ins (854 mm) by 25.75 ins (653 mm)

Great Painting, Ready to Hang on the wall, fantastic conversation piece

Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art is the name of recent art illustrating, fantasy literature. The term has acquired some pejorative overtones.

Fantastic art mainly appeared in painting and illustration. From the 1970s has been photographic. Fantastic art explores fantasy, imagination, the dream state, the grotesque, visions and the uncanny,[2] as well as so-called “Goth” art.

Twentieth Century

The rise of fantasy and science fiction “pulp” magazines demanded artwork to illustrate stories and (via cover art) to promote sales. This led to a movement of science fiction and fantasy artists prior to and during the Great Depression, as anthologised by Vincent Di Fate, himself a prolific SF and space artist.[5]

In the United States in the 1930s, a group of Wisconsin artists took inspiration from the Surrealist movement of Europe. They went on to create their own brand of fantastic art. They included Madison, Wisconsin-based artists Marshall Glasier, Dudley Huppler and John Wilde; Karl Priebe of Milwaukee and Gertrude Abercrombie of Chicago.

Their art combined macabre humor, mystery and irony [6] which was in direct and pointed contradiction to the American Regionalism then in vogue.

In postwar Chicago, the art movement Chicago Imagism produced many fantastic and grotesque paintings, which were little noted because they did not conform to New York abstract art fashions of the time. Major imagists include Roger BrownGladys NilssonJim NuttEd Paschke, and Karl Wirsum.[7]



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