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Odda Countryside Norway by Sydney E Hart
August 3, 2019
Boat on the Hardanger Fjord at Odda, Norway by Horace Percival Hart
August 3, 2019

Enys Dodnan and Dr Syntax Head by Sydney E Hart

£800.00 £700.00

Enys Dodnan and Dr Syntax Head by Sydney E Hart

Watercolour on Paper in good original frame

Frame size 28.75 ins (731 mm) by 15 ins (381 mm)

Image Size 20.25 ins (514 mm) by 6.375 ins (163 mm)

Sydney Ernest Hart

Born 1867 The Lizard, Cornwall. Died 1921 Bergen, Norway

Sydney was the 4th child of Thomas Hart the eminent Cornish artist. He was tutored by his father, at the age of 17 years he was exhibiting his works and selling them, including this watercolour of Enys Dodnan and Dr Syntax Head by Sydney E Hart. Several newspaper reports praise the quality of his pictures. Sydney joined his father on trips to Odda, Norway and eventually settled there earning a living by selling his art work.In 1911 Raphael Tuck and sons Ltd of London included in there “Oilette” World Wide range of postcards 6 paintings by Sydney, these remained in there catalogue up to the 1930’s

Lands End

Land’s End is a ‘must see’ for any visitor to Cornwall. A short walk south from Sennen Cove over Pedn-men-du along Mayon Cliff will really give the tourist a true feel of Cornwall. Along the mile or so walk such sites as the Irish Lady and impressive Castle Zawn will be encountered. The rugged coast has always been a danger to unwary mariners – the last shipwreck the ‘RMS Mulheim’ running ashore at Castle Zawn, on Saturday 22nd March 2003. A little further south lies the ancient cliff castle of Maen Castle. Arrive early before the crowds to allow you to imagine its ancient inhabitants. Pass Gamper as you near Dr. Syntax’s Head and Trevescan Cliff. Take refreshments at the Land’s End Hotel or explore the Legendary Land’s End tourist attraction. Walkers may wish to continue further south to see the Dr. Johnson’s Head, the Armed Knight and the impressive rock Arch at Enys Dodnan.


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