UA-81275160-1 Gamper Arch and The Longships Lighthouse by Thomas Hart FSA


Falmouth from Trevissome House Flushing by Sydney E Hart
August 18, 2019
St Michael’s Mount from the Causeway bu Sydney E Hart
August 18, 2019

Gamper Arch and The Longships Lighthouse by Thomas Hart FSA

£1,000.00 £800.00

Gamper Arch and The Longships Lighthouse by Thomas Hart FSA

Watercolour on Paper Painted in 1873

Frame Size 26 625 ins (677 mm) by 13.875 ins (353 mm)

Image Size 19.75 ins (503 mm) by 6.75 ins (173 mm)

Thomas Hart

Born 1830 Crowan Cornwall, Died 1916 The Lizard, Cornwall

Moved to Falmouth in the 1840’s

He was a prolific painter in watercolours and oil. He lived up to 1862 in Falmouth, Cornwall, the home of several known artists.

Married Louisa Hallamore in 1862 in Falmouth, Cornwall. Initially they set up home in Plymouth

Thomas had one of the very first photographic studios at 10 Flora Place, Union Road, Plymouth.

Louisa travelled to Falmouth for the births of Herbert and Horace (artists)

1865 the family moved to the Lizard Point in Cornwall,

Painted a large volume of work including this watercolour Gamper Arch and The Longships Lighthouse by Thomas Hart FSA

Exhibited at the Royal academy, Grosvenor Gallery and at numerous venues in the UK.

His work sold from the 1850’s. Thomas travelled widely in the UK and Europe gathering ideas and working “Plein Air”.

From 1880 to the early 1900’s Thomas spent 2 months in Odda Norway where he set up a studio.

They had 11 children, 6 of them became professional Painters.  In the late 1800’s numerous Titled people in the UK and throughout Europe purchased his paintings.

Longships Lighthouse

Longships Lighthouse is an active 19th century lighthouse about 1.25 mi (2.01 km) off the coast of Land’s End in Cornwall, England. It is the second lighthouse to be built on Carn Bras, the highest of the Longships islets which rises 39 feet (12 m) above high water level. 1988 the lighthouse became unmanned. It is now remotely monitored from the Trinity House Operations & Planning Centre in Harwich

The original tower built in 1795 to the design of Trinity House architect Samuel Wyatt. It contained a fixed array of eighteen Argand lamps with reflectors, arranged in two tiers and shining out to sea.[3] The lantern was 79 feet (24 m) above sea level but very high seas obscured its light.[4]

In 1869 Trinity House began constructing a replacement.[5] The building of the present granite tower used much of the equipment that had previously been used in the construction of the Wolf Rock Lighthouse.[5] Then equipped with a first-order fixed optic built by Dr John Hopkinson of Chance Brothers.[6] The tower was first lit in December 1873 having cost £43,870 to build.[5] By 1884 it was showing an occulting light[7] with red sectors warning ships away from the Brisons and Rundlestone.




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