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Mercedes Benz 300SLR, No 722, Mille Miglia 1955 signed by Stirling Moss
June 30, 2019
Wolfgang Von Trips Farrari Dino 246 Nurburgring 1958by Steven Massey
June 30, 2019

Monaco Grand Prix 1957


Monaco Grand Prix 1957

Photographic Paper

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The Picture shows he 1957 Monaco Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held on 19 May 1957 at Monaco. on the front of the grid are Juan Manuel Fangio No 32, Peter Collins No 26 and Stirling Moss No 18. It was race 2 of 8 in the 1957 World Championship of Drivers.
Despite a hesitant start, Moss led away on the first lap from Collins, Fangio, and Hawthorn. On lap 4 coming out of the tunnel, there was mayhem. Moss went straight through the chicane, sending debris from the wrecked barrier crashing onto the circuit. Collins crashed through the quayside barriers trying to avoid it. Fangio and Brooks slowed to make their way through the carnage. Brooks’ effort was for nought, being hit by Mike Hawthorn’s Ferrari, which lost a wheel. Fangio took the lead from Brooks’ damaged car and held it to the chequered flag.

On lap 96, with nine laps to go,[ von Trips lost a certain third place when his engine blew up. Brabham inherited it, but he in turn lost the place when the engine in his Cooper T43-Climax cut out at Casino five laps from the end.[6] He coasted to the harbour and pushed the car home for 6th place.

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