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Polpeor Cove The Lizard by Herbert Passingham Hart

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Polpeor Cove, The Lizard by Herbert Passingham Hart

Born Falmouth, Cornwall 1864      Died 8th March 1901 Falmouth, Cornwall

Watercolour on Paper Painted 1882

frame Size 23.25 ins (591 mm) by 16.75 ins (426 mm)

Image Size 13.875 ins (353 mm) by 7.5 ins (191 mm)

Polpeor Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall, is 100 Mtrs from the hart family home

This watercolour Polpeor Cove, The Lizard by Herbert Passingham Hart is a sight he saw every day of his youth

Herbert attended the Slade School of art , University College, London;

1891 he is a Animal Artist and Sculptor

Married  14th November 1892 Christ Church, Bloomsbury, London, England to JESSICA SILVIA POCKETT


Polpeor Cove 1859-1961

First station

The RNLI established its first lifeboat at the southern tip of The Lizard in 1859. The station, which cost £120 to build, was located atop the cliffs above Polpeor Cove about 0.6 mi (0.97 km) south of the village of Lizard.[1] It was inaugurated after the 740-ton steamer, Czar, foundered on the Vrogue Rock,[4] off Bass Point on 22 January 1859. The government transport ship was taking ammunition and uniforms to Malta. Fishing crews from Cadgwith and Church Cove saved some of the crew but the captain and his family drowned. Following the tragedy, a Mrs Agar of Lanhydrock donated money to buy the first Lizard Lifeboat (Anna Maria).[5]

The location of the first lifeboat station on the cliff above Polpeor Cove was not ideal as it made launches a long and precarious operation in rough sea and weather. On 2 January 1866 t during a storm. the lifeboat was pushed on to rocks causing the death of its Coxswain Peter Mitchell and crew members Richard Harris and Nicholas Stevens.[1] As a tribute to the loss, the RNLI gave £130 to the local lifeboat fund.[1] (Location: 49°57′32.53″N 5°12′22.77″W)

Second Station

In 1885 a station built above the high-water mark in Polpeor Cove to house a larger lifeboat.[1] The existing smaller craft was moved to a new station at Church Cove just east of Lizard village. (Location: 49°57′33.51″N 5°12′24.53″W)


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