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Latefossen Waterfall Hardanger Fjord Norway by Sydney E Hart
July 31, 2019

Road to Vorinfos by Sydney E Hart


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Road to Vorinfos by Sydney E Hart

Frame Size 15.75 ins (400 mm) by 12 ins (305 mm)

Image Size 10 ins (253 mm) by 6.5 ins (165 mm)



Sydney Ernest Hart

Born 1867 The Lizard, Cornwall. Died 1921 Bergen, Norway

Sydney was the 4th child of Thomas Hart the eminent Cornish artist.

Tutored by his father, and at 17 years he was exhibiting and selling them.

Several newspaper reports praise the quality of his pictures.

His works include this watercolour Road to Vorinfos by Sydney E Hart

Sydney joined his father on trips to Odda Norway and settled there earning a living by selling his art.


In 1911 Raphael Tuck and sons Ltd of London included in there “Oilette” World Wide range of postcards 6 paintings by Sydney, these remained in there catalogue up to 1930.

The sales of art dropped and the death of his father in 1916 had an effect on him. He became  Reclusive and did not get on with the local people, 20 plus years in Odda he lived in 2 hotels.

In 1921 a chambermaid went in to his room in the morning and found him in his room bleeding from a wound.

Sydney went to hospital in Bergen by boat. On the 4th July he died


Vøringsfossen (English: Vøring Falls)[2][3][4] is the 83rd highest waterfall in Norway on the basis of total fall.Located at the top of Måbødalen in the municipality of Eidfjord, in Hordaland, not far from Highway 7,[5] which connects Oslo with Bergen. It has a total drop of 182 meters,[6] and a major drop of 163 meters. It is perhaps the most famous in the country and a major tourist attraction on the way down from Hardangervidda to Hardangerfjord.[1]

The name Vøringsfossen (Old Norse Vyrðingr) is derived from the verb vyrða (English: esteem, revere). The last element fossen, the definite form of foss (waterfall), is a later addition.



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