UA-81275160-1 St Michael’s Mount from Marazion by Thomas Hart F.S.A


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August 7, 2019
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St Michael’s Mount from Marazion by Thomas Hart F.S.A

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St Michael’s Mount from Marazion by Thomas Hart F.S.A

Watercolour on Paper

Frame Size 21.875 ins (532 mm) by 15 .625 ins (396 mm)

Image size 15 375 ins (391 mm) by 8.875 ins (226 mm)

Thomas Hart

Born 1830 Crowan Cornwall, Died 1916 The Lizard, Cornwall

Moved to Falmouth in the 1840’s

Thomas was a prolific painter in watercolours and oil. He lived up to the mid 1860 in Falmouth, Cornwall, the home of several known artists.

In 1865 the family moved to the Lizard Point in Cornwall,

Painted a large volume of work including this watercolour St Michael’s Mount from Marazion by Thomas Hart F.S.A

Exhibited at the Royal academy, Grosvenor Gallery and at numerous venues in the UK. His work sold from the 1850’s. Thomas traveled widely in the UK and Europe gathering ideas and working “Plein Air”.

From 1880 to the early 1900’s Thomas spent 2 months in Odda Norway where he set up a studio.

He and his wife Louisa had 11 children, 6 of them became professional Painters.  In the late 1800’s numerous Titled people in the UK and throughout Europe purchased his paintings.


1811 there were 53 houses and four streets. The pier was extended in 1821[19] and the population peaked in the same year, when the island had 221 people. There were three schools, a Wesleyan chapel, and three public houses, mostly used by visiting sailors. The village went into decline following major improvements to nearby Penzance harbour and the extension of the railway to Penzance in 1852, and many of the houses and buildings were demolished.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the structure of the castle was romanticised.[11]

A short underground, funicular narrow gauge railway was built in Victorian times. Used to bring luggage up to the castle.

The railway operates only for demonstration, not open to the public, a small stretch is visible at the harbour. It is Britain’s last functionally operational 4 ft 6 in (1,372 mm) railway.[20][21]

In the late 19th century an anchorite‘s remains were discovered in a tomb within the domestic chapel.[22]


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