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Margate, Beach Scene with Bathing Machines
August 1, 2021

Shipping on the Thames By T Mellers


Shipping on the Thames By T Mellers

Oil on Canvas in Large Ornate Gesso frame

Overall size  1130 mm by 762 mm

Image Size   800 mm by 445 mm

Great shipping scene in the pool of London looking towards the  Tower of London

The Pool of London is a stretch of the River Thames from London Bridge to below Limehouse.

Part of the Tideway of the Thames, the Pool was navigable by tall-masted vessels bringing coastal and later overseas goods—the wharves there were the original part of the Port of London. The Pool of London is divided into two parts, the Upper Pool and Lower Pool. The Upper Pool consists of the section between London Bridge and the Cherry Garden Pier in Bermondsey. The Lower Pool runs from the Cherry Garden Pier to Limekiln Creek.

Shipping on the Thames By T Mellers

Thames Barges Racing by JGM 1903


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